Hi! I’m Jeannette Hergenroeder, owner and photographer of JMH Photography Since getting my first instant Polaroid as a gift many years ago I have had a passion for photography. That passion is now a career. I love creating unique artwork for your home or office.

Because I help you create lifetime artwork for your home

I will sit with you and discover what your vision is for the artwork you want in your home. We will discuss space, color and because it is just as important budget. Taking the time to display your art properly is most of the work and what makes my photos transform into art!

Opportunity for lifetime memories awaits...

I love creating images that go beyond the mere picture but a piece of art that emenates, color and joy. Allow me to bring a little color and joy to your home or office.

You can contact me through contact link on the left or call and talk to me I would be so happy to chat and get to know you and what your needs are.  (724) 650-6071

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