One Book - Two Flavors

Leather Albums feature full-grain, leather covers and a hard substrate between pages. Weighty and resistant to damage, Leather Albums are perfect for a wedding book. Linen Albums have textured, linen covers and pages that glued back-to-back (without any material between them). Linen Albums are thinner and lighter, making them great for portrait, engagement, or sign-in books.

Luscious Leather

Lovely Linen

JMH uses only 100% natural leathers selected for their grains, texture, strength, and quality. Full-grain hides feel better, last longer, and are more attractive than bonded-leather covers. When you get your hands on a Leather Album, you may be tempted to brush your cheek against the supple cover. Go for it; we cheek-test every book before it leaves our studio.
Linen provides you with a light, textured, animal-friendly option to cover your Album. Our linens highlight the true hand-made nature of your Al. Since Linen KISSes are cheaper than their leather siblings, they make a great option for family sessions, senior portraiture, or sign-in books.

Size Matters

How big of an Album do you want?

There’s the cutter-than-kittens Little Albums, coming in at a petite 4x4.
The 8x8s make for great parent books. 
The 10x10 is perfect for any occasion. 
If you want big impact, you go 12x12. Opened, the 24x12" prints will feature your photography spectacularly.

Since all our books are square, your single design will fit any size you order.

Color Me Simple

Leather Colors
Linen Colors
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