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Hi! I’m Jeannette Hergenroeder, owner and photographer of JMH Photography. Since getting my first instant Polaroid as a gift many years ago I have had a passion for photography. That passion is now a career. As a professional I realized I could do something that could help so many people. I love being able to help capture the special moments for people and give them something to hold on to. Give them a story to tell to their family in years to come. I love shooting outdoors and enjoy the effect of natural lighting in a photograph.

Because I help you create lifetime artwork for your home

I will sit with you and your family and discuss what are the meaningful locations to you, and not just force you into something. We discuss clothing options, location, sense of style, your objectives. If you've worked with a photographer, and they didn't meet with you and your family ahead of time, you weren't cared for properly. You may as well get Uncle John to take your photo. Taking the time to display your art properly and prepare for the session is most of the work and what makes your photos transform into art!

Opportunity for lifetime memories awaits...

I would love to get to know you and capture your special moments. Or maybe you just want to share your love for photography with someone who has the same passion. Click the Contact link to get in touch with me.
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